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Fables from Faraway is a collection of over 50 illustrations created by the artist Aki, who has been an established professional in the video game industry for years. Her powerful storytelling skills tell fairy tales even without the need for words, allowing you to immerse yourself in her illustrations with the help of your imagination.


Fables from Faraway is both a beautiful hardcover art collection and a journey into fantastic worlds inspired by China, Imperial Japan, and the sacred art of the European Middle Ages. In the book, you’ll find illustrations set in urban and western contexts, character designs, a step-by-step illustration tutorial with commentary, and a short comic weaving together Aki’s talent in art and in story-telling.


ISBN: 9788831252096

Authors: Aki

Language: English

In colors

Size: A4 hardcover

Publication date: July 2022

Genre: Artbook

Pages: 84

Rating: T


Fables from Faraway - The art of Aki

SKU: fables-from-faraway-book