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Your questions, our answers

Is Kudos a 'Vanity Press'?

No. Kudos will not ask for or require Authors to pay to have their materials published, neither in the form of advance payments nor in the form of purchased copies.

Does Kudos publish webcomic?

Yes, Kudos can publish webcomics and works that have been partially published online.

Does Kudos accept proposals for plots or scripts?

At the moment, Kudos accepts submission from full teams only (sole Authors or full scriptwriter/penciller/inker/colorist teams).

I would like to send a proposal. Where do I find your guidelines to send you my project? What is the minimum number of comic pages or illustrations for each volume and the minimum resolution? Which extentions do you accept?

You can find your submission guidelines here.

For comics, the minimum number of pages is 60. The final resolution for each file must be 300dpi, with balloons and texts on a different layer.

We accept both Photoshop and Clip Studio format.

Which genres or type of stories are you searching for?

Kudos accepts every kind of proposal and every genre, from historical to fantasy, from slice-of-life to sci-fi. The only genre we're not publishing at the moment is erotic +18.

I'm a Kudos' author. May I buy some copies of my books and sell them on my store?

Yes. Our authors will get a percentage of free copies, proportional to each print run. Furthermore, authors can buy some copies at a discounted price and resell them on their website or at comic conventions.

I'm a Kudos' author. How much time do I have to create my project?

he period required to create each project may vary according to the numer of pages and/or complexity. Usually we consider 3 months for 30 pages comic books, 6 months for 60 pages comic books and 12 months for 120 pages projects. Anyway these numbers may vary based on need.


How often do you ship orders from your Store?

We will ship Priority orders twice a week and Ordinary orders once a week. Priority Mail, Pieghi di Libri, Ordinary Mail or Registered Mail orders received after 12:00 on Thursday will be shipped the following week.

Orders belonging to the Minibox range will be shipped once a week, on Wednesday or Friday and. if they arrive after 12:00 on Friday, they will be shipped the following week.

My order didn't reached me yet. What can I do? 

There may be delays of 1 or 2 weeks with shipments with Piego di Libri or with the Minibox range. If you need a faster delivery, we suggest you to select the fastest shipments (Posta1 priority for Italy or Priority Mail for foreign countries).

I think my package got lost. What can I do?

Unfortunately, postal services have limits and sometimes it happens that packages are lost or returned to the sender. If you think to live in a 'risky' location, please select the tracked shipment (Piego di Libri Raccomandato for Italy or Registered mail for foreign countries). Kudos shall not be liable for any loss of untracked packages.

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