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About us

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Manager and editorial director

I approached the world of books and comics as a teenager, creating stories and amateur video games based on my imagination. The years have passed and, after graduating in Computer Science, I chose a course of study very far from the world that fascinated me so much. Then, about a decade ago, I found myself in the independent publishing environment by pure chance, rediscovering a passion for everything that allowed people's creativity to come to life and become something usable.


Yet, the reality beneath the surface was very different: despite the commitment that the professionals and up-and-coming artists of independent comics put into their projects, they were subjected every day to extremely difficult tests to be able to build something. Often the artists found themselves trapped in endless bureaucratic matters and unclear contracts that forced them to live in a constant state of anxiety and to lose sight of the project they were trying to give birth with so much effort.


This is why Kudos was born, a non-paying publishing house.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, keeping the accounts always positive in this historical period is even more difficult because the needs of all parties cannot always be met. The desire of Kudos is to be able to allow authors to give shape to their ideas, in full respect of their intellectual property.

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Editor, graphic designer, and digital artist

Graduated in 2006 in Advertising Graphics and graduated in 2011 in DAMS as a Film Critic, Wendigo combines the artistic experience with humanities.


Always passionate about art and comics, Wendigo collaborates with Kudos as editor, graphic  and web designer, proofreader and editor but his true passions are the digital arts and script writing.


For Kudos, Wendigo will assess the proposals and curricula sent to the editorial staff, he will respond to emails, manage social networks and shippings.

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