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Art Tips Collection 2 features more than 130 pages of new tips, to help you keep your place when you need to. Inside, you will find the works created by Miyuli between 2020 and 2022 for her supporters of Patreon and Gumroad. This PDF version of the book will be available to use on your tablet or pc when on the go.


The book will contain the following chapters (the list and order may vary from the final book):

  • THE HUMAN BODY — full body, muscular bodies, fat distribution, head, hair, aging, ears, teeth, neck, arms & shoulders, hands, back, hips & legs, feet
  • EXPRESSIONS — expression studies, emotions (anger, annoyance, confusion, sobbing, disgust, contempt, surprise), different angles, body language
  • ACTION — fighting, running, twisting
  • PERSPECTIVE — perspective (body in perspective, perspective pointers, high angle shot, low angle shot), wide angle & long lens, foreshortening, extreme foreshortening
  • CLOTHES AND FOLDS — clothes, folds, dressing & undressing, shoes
  • COLORING — theory, choosing colors, hair color


ISBN: 978-88-31252-13-3 (English Ebook)

Authors: Miyuli

Language: English

In colors or in black and white: In colors

Publication date: June 2023

Genre: Drawing manual for artists and art students

Pages: 147


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[Ebook] Art Tips Collection 2 by Miyuli

SKU: Ebook-ArtTips2-EN

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