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WARNING: Art Tips Collection pre-orders will be shipped after January 19th, 2022!


Over 100 pages of manuals and tutorials for artists and art students, created by Miyuli and  available in English.


Art Tips Collection is a collection  of suggestions and anatomical ideas for artists and art students made by Miyuli , collected in a volume of over 100 pages. 


The book is divided into five  parts: the first deals with anatomy and the human figure in space; the second concerns the head, in its volumes, different angles and facial expressions;  the third part is about the body in perspective and how to deal with different points of view; the fourth part will deal with clothing, folds and shoes; in the last part, created thanks to the support of the backers on Kickstarter,  Miyuli will show you how to manage color and light during different hours of the day and how to draw cats.


ISBN: 978-88-31252-02-7 (English version)

Authors: Miyuli

Tongue:  English

Color or black and white: Color

Format and binding: 17x24 - Paperback with flaps

Date of publication: September 2019

Genre: Manual of drawing and anatomy for artists

Pages: 110




Miyuli - Art Tips Collection

SKU: Book-ArtTips-EN